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C10. Tipping at Windmills #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Secrets #pezoutlaw #hollywood I heard a Marx Brothers story about how they set a small fire so the smoke would go under Irving Thalberg's office door, trying to get his attention.I suppose it's not real hard to find the parallel with my actions promoting Pez Outlaw. 

The Rules.

Rule #1. You must believe in your project with every fiber of your being. Your project is a success, all you need to do is the work.

Rule #2. For your project to be a success, the project must be the thing that excites you. The project needs to be your idea of fun.

Rule #3. When you take on or start a project, you must hit it, hit it hit it. Do not let up. Push it  until it almost breaks, then push some more. You need to be relentless. Never give up, never give in.

Rule #4.  Open your eyes to the possibility that what you think you were doing, is actually not what you were doing. Projects evolve, you must be able to recognize the change, be open to it. Example, I'm beginning to believe this whole outlaw project was just warmup for the Cereal project.
Cereal Box Price Guide
Rule #5. Turn your deficits into assets. Poor no money, Ah but you have time, use it. Obsessive compulsive, a unique ability to focus like a laser on a project. etc.

Rule #6. Do not allow other peoples opinions of what you are doing to hold you back. You are a unique individual, that uniqueness may be your biggest asset. Try to be like everybody else, to fit in, seek & gain the approval of others, is a one way ticket to mediocrity.

Rule #7. Do things the way you like to do them. Try mimicking others or forcing yourself into habits or patterns that you find unnatural/foreign & you will not succeed. It's your project, from the beginning do it the way you like, otherwise you might as well be working for someone else.

Rule #8. Any project requires a great deal of effort, years & years of tedious work. Day after day, year after year of having faith in yourself. People are gonna think you are nuts. You must believe in yourself before anyone else can possibly believe in you or your project.

Rule #9. You need to hear what others are saying, yet not let it affect your resolve. Criticism is only to test your resolve. Be open to critique that helps the project, but do not let it stop the project.

Rule #10. Trust yourself. If you are wrong you can change it later. Second guessing yourself will only slow progress & kill the uniqueness of your project.

Rule #11. Don't be fragile. If a few harsh words are gonna curl you up with a blankey, you are doomed. Thick skin is required. To be perfectly frank, you need to not give a hoot in hell what other people think of what you are doing. Care about what you think about what you are doing.

Rule #12. Do not gage the success of your project by the big picture. You need to find small wins along the way. This is going to take a long time.  10 years is nothin.

Rule #13. You are only crazy if you think you are crazy, other than that it's the rest of the world that is goofy. "Normal speak", march to your own drummer. Rule #13.2 Never ask someone else if they think you are crazy. BIG, BIG MISTAKE.

Destiny is the result of decades of hard work.
You must be in the right place at the right time with the right idea, prepared to meet destiny.
Timing, Tick the right Boxes, meet the moment in time with the story that reflects the mood.
Will the audience identify with the character, does he reflect them?
Is the character likable, is he sympathetic?
Will the audience root for him to win?

My interests and what I've been compelled to do have met timing several times so far in my life.
Will Pez Outlaw be bigger than my Pez years themself, I don't know.
I do know If you wait for destiny unprepared, you will most likely die medicated.
Life hands you nothing but the possibility, you must fight for what you want.

The amount of time n work required to achieve your destiny leaves most by the side of the road.
To most you will appear insane because of the blind dedication required to rendezvous with destiny.
Your belief in yourself and your ability to get there must be matched by the time required.
You're going to leave a lot of people behind who tire of your dedication to the goal.
Only your truest friends will survive the journey.
It's the natural way of things.

What's been interesting is this.
In the beginning all I face was doubt on all fronts as to the wisdom of my choice.
People got on with there lives while I continued in isolation.
For a decade polite comments on various accomplishments but still doubt.
Then a shift in the winds due to visible motion.
Faces that had been gone reappeared, interest rose for a time.
Now I wait again in isolation.

Very soon the jury will render it's verdict.
If the answer is Yes Forward, I will be thought a genius n everybody will say they knew I could do it. They had faith all along.
If the answer is No, the answer will appeal to human nature.
If not me then why you.
It's a spin on I'm Ok you're Ok.
Meaning if I achieve something through 15 years of hard work, the other person feels somehow less for not doing so. 
So better I fail than there sense of self worth be called into question.

I chose work.
I chose blind dedication.
I chose to sacrifice 15 years to get here.
You or they chose whatever it was you chose.

I've watched the disappointment of people who wish for Life but don't put in the time.
Years n decades are required to accomplish anything meaningful.
You are going to be alone in your belief that you can do it. 
People are going to look at you like you are crazy n it helps if you are.

Any time your goal falls outside normal thought.
"Normal" people are not going to see the good sense in your choice, especially if the odds look ridiculously not in your favor.
So approval had best not be needed by you in your quest.

Blind Determination, Dedication, Belief n to be honest the type of brain where honestly there is no other choice. You just simply must.

Jeff has said "Are You Ready for what's coming"?
I guess we'll see.
I think if I can watch it somewhat detached, not as the object of interest but as a fellow observer.
Then I think I'll be OK.
I believe that I have reasonable expectations and a realistic idea of how long the lights will be on.
I'm ready n I want to walk away. 
I seek closure as I have since 1998.

All I've ever wanted was to correct/fix what happened, to finish what I started.
I did not choose this fight but I did decided not to walk away.

So that's where we are.

Pez Outlaw creations
Yes the Zep Gun was created by Pez Outlaw, but there is quite a bit to know beyond the obvious.
Contrary to what you might think, I did not make the Zep gun for money, because to be honest I did not really make any money on them.
I created the Zep gun because I could.

I used to shop a lot with a suggestive eye.
When I saw these little toy guns my mind immediately went to work customizing the original toy into a gun that would shoot Pez.
Once I found this gun in a dollar store I contacted Mike Mitros.
Mike used package info to source the importer n through his connections order me a pile of cases of these guns.

Several things here.
I don't remember the year I made these.
I don't remember how many toy guns I bought.
I don't remember how many I sold or at what price.
None of those things actually matter.

I made the Zep Guns because I really enjoy creating.
I enjoy the process, I do not enjoy production beyond creation, which is why after making x-amount
I sold the roughed out unfinished Zep guns to someone.
No idea who it was that I sold that pile of unfinished zep guns to.

The Zep Guns I will picture below are just the roughed out ones I sold in bulk to someone.

Note the burring from the band saw used to rough cut the Zep gun to accept a customized pez regular as the cartridge.
The above Zep Gun will require a lot of finish hand filing for fit as will the pez regular. The striker will also require further customizing or upon impact it will shatter the Pez Candy Brick.

The barrel is nowhere near ready to allow candy to pass through it. I used a jig to open it up followed by hand tooling.
These Zep Guns have not been touched since the day I shipped them.
All they are is roughed out. All will need a lot of fiddling to be usable Zep Guns.
The person I sold them to, bought them with the understanding that they'd need to finnish them.
I sold this group of unfinished Zep Guns cheap/wholesale.

Pictures were provided by  Allen Conley.
Brent Pez Johnson also contacted me saying he too recently bought a Zep Gun.

Note to all. I wish I could have gotten $20 each for the Zep Guns, If I had I might have actually finished them all.

It's to bad I don't have a clue how to do an online video for $$$$$$
If I did I'd make one n show you all how to finish these Zep Guns.
Yes for money, remember, I'm poor.

What follows are comments about the Zep pez Gun.

Brent Pez Johnson I honestly don't know.There were quite a few people commenting on the original post. The post made it sound like there were only 4 for sale at first. But the seller had quite a few more than that. I only needed one.
a hell of a lot more than 4. Pez Outlaw

Just received the following question on ebay


quick question someone is selling a xmax or mark convered to shoot pez with a pez stem in stalled, did you guys do the conversion and does it work, she hasn't got the stem,

thanks for any help

You'd think I'm selling these.
n you know, I'm not.
I feel safe saying I have not owned one of these Zep pez guns in 15 years.
It's fun, though kinda funny.
It might be helpful if someone suggested to whomever is selling these Zep pez guns that they link to this post.

From collection of
Heather Johnson

The bottom one was a Zep 
original by Pez Outlaw.

To Heather Johnson. I did not paint the gold one gold or maybe I did n just don't remember.  
 I gave a large amount ( more than 1/2 of the 500 to 1000 per created) of the following merchandising items away with X amount of $$$$ spent at shows or through the mail as thank you gifts.

The people who ran the conventions asked for the name of my guy n pins for conventions came into being.
Stated more clearly.
These Pins are why you get a pin at Pez Conventions.
John Devlin St Louis and Jill Cohen Cleveland liked my pins so much that they asked if I'd give them my guys name so that they could make the first Pez Convention pins.

Pez Outlaw Pins
These are Pez Outlaw merchandising items. I never represented them as anything else. So once n for all these are not Pez Corporate items, they are Pez Outlaw items. I made or rather had them made. side story. These pins are why all others convention pins etc exist. The people who ran the conventions asked for the name of my guy n pins for conventions came into being.

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
 Pez Outlaw Money Clip
100%  Pez Outlaw merchandising items. I never represented them as anything else. So once n for all these are not Pez Corporate items, they are Pez Outlaw items. I made or rather had them made My ring guy continued this item to other dealers after I stopped buying them.

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Pez Outlaw Ring
100%  Pez Outlaw merchandising items. I never represented them as anything else. So once n for all these are not Pez Corporate items, they are Pez Outlaw items. I made or rather had them made. All pez rings were created by me, period. The red one with cloisonne inserts etc, all of them. Interesting factoid, both versions of the Pez Outlaw Peter Pez red cloisonne insert rings were a two step process. my pin guy made the peter pez inserts n my ring guy combined them. My ring guy continued this item to other dealers after I stopped buying them.

There was also a ring where I had a pez cloisonne inlay created, then the ring guy mounted it. No pic, sorry.

The Black-Market Smuggling history of Pez
The Black-Market Smuggling history of Pez Collectibles is a rich and storied one. Embrace that history with me. It was fun & exciting. Half the Pez in collections today come from it.

Yes most of what I did traveling and buying Pez dispensers was technically illegal in those countries. I broke a lot of rules if not actual laws. Why do you think I was so secretive about everything? Why do you think I felt safe after 10 years had passed to write Pez Outlaw Diary? Statute of limitations laws, that's why. An awful lot of fact fudging and little lies were used to get things done. Laws n rules were rearranged if you will allow me to put it in a sunny light. Where do you think the whole Pez Outlaw thing comes from, that I adhered to the straight n narrow?

What I did could not have been done by following the law.  I am also well aware of the fact that a couple individuals I did business with in Europe were caught doing similar things n prosecuted. The nitty gritty of it all is that only each individual person I dealt with and myself know these things and only I know the overall picture. Besides it has been well over ten years and I no longer travel or buy pez dispensers. Also any possible evidence is long gone. Funny thing is, it was when I tried going legit, buying legally from Pez Austria in 1998 that things went south. The irony does not escape me.

Did all the money go to Pez corp, sometimes but it was rare. Did some steal the product, yes I believe they did. Most odd color variation in pez collections today did not have corporate approval to be sold. Even the black Santa Pez dispensers were technically stolen as pez corp did not and never would have allowed there release. So technically every pez color variation not mass produced for sale by pez corp is a stolen pez dispenser. As are many rare pez dispensers still sold today. When a guy makes a special Pez dispenser and sells it into the pez hobby it is a stolen item. When someone finds or found a group or boxes of no feet pez dispensers and sells them to pez dealers. Do you think pez corporate sanctioned it, not very likely. One individual high up maybe, but it was not a Haas decision so it was stolen.

Pez corp has always been a funny company. Pez USA was owned by Pez Austria through a drop box for years n may still be. The company itself and many high up people have been doing a lot of dicey things for about 30 years. So many people who operate pez injection molding machines, manage pez injection facilities, run pez warehouses, head pez division or at corp have done hinky things that nobody says anything. Enough people have sold pez dispensers without corporate approval that nobody wanted to legally open that can of worms. Yes some small fish are fired or pursued, but not anyone who knows where the bodies are buried. It is usually handled in different ways. As Scott was handle for becoming to powerful and hacking them off. 

The company itself has done some pretty dicey things. The heck you say. Well for example the original King Louie, Balloo, Mowgli, Dalmation, Pooh, Thumper, Chip, Wyle, Road Runner, Merlin & Dumbo Pez dispensers. The company quit production for America so they stopped paying royalties for the characters. What you may not know is when copyrights are not renewed a brief limited window exists for the remaining production to be sold. Well these Pez dispensers were sold for years in areas east of Austria, and years later I was sold some very fresh inventory of Dumbo and Road Runner Pez dispensers. 

For those of us who bought pez dispensers in this gray complicated world, It's figured we will keep the secrets because if we don't we will be cut off, no more soup for you. By the very nature of what I was doing, it would have been more of a surprise if everybody I dealt with had been upright and honest. 

Some were good honest people, like everybody in Slovenia. When I bought there, payment was made by deposit in the pez corporate account.

You see several factors work against honesty and good behavior. Always cash only cash, so it is a cash business with very few records kept. The huge amounts of cash we are talking about, over the aprox 20 years this has been going on it has to be millions. My contribution in the worldwide black market of pez dispensers alone was in excess of 3/4 Million dollars and depending how you look at it is roughly 2 million dollars. 

ignificant portions of any sizable Pez collection were illegally obtained.

Below is a partial list of Pez I smuggled into the USA.  turtles, nintendo, ET, Ghosts, crystals all sorts, Mr Bean, All New pez Pals (Alpine, Aral Gas, Shell Gas , Pilot Boys)  w bp, All British Petroleum Boys n All Mariner boys, Pokemon, Rainbow Zoo, Zielpunkt, Crazy Animals, New Asterix series, New Garfieldw hats, Pink Panther, Tweenies, all MMM, pink yellow orange cab trucks Tom Jerry Spike Tyke Tuffy, Icee, BarneyBear, King Loui, Baloo, Mowgli, Dumbo, Merlin Mouse, Lil Wolf, Old Smurfs, Prac Pig, Boy n Girl Pals, Silver Glows, Road Runner, Thumpers, Old Dalmations, Droopy Dog, Petunia pig, Duck Tales, Wyle Coyotes, Goofies movable ears,pink bunnies, Old Winnie Pooh,  smurfs 1, smurfs 2, and Bob the builder to name just some. 

If you have these Pez Dispensers in your collection Odds are good if they are loose not carded that they came from me. 

Buying Black Market Pez Dispensers as a Pez Outlaw was divided up into many aspects and each aspect had it's own rules for how it had to be done. Each phase had to be executed in a very specific manner to avoid "problems". Once I learned the rules. What to do, how to do it and what to avoid. It all became very routine. Nerve racking, but routine. Everything the same, every time, no deviation.

The structure or rules were not set up by me. Though once I realized the flaws in the structure, these flaws allowed me to operate within each of them.

The whole PEZ story is really about operating below the radar and exploiting a very large corporate loophole.  Seeing something clearly that it appears nobody else can see or if they did see it for whatever reason did not exploit it to the max. Yes there were people doing what I did, but only on a very small scale. Until I came along, nobody had exploited the flaw in the system to its breaking point. Which required trying to stay one step ahead of the game. Acquiring as many pez dispensers as possible, as fast as possible, before my personal profile as a pez dealer closed the window. Doing a very delicate dance with maintaining a cash flow to continue buying Pez dispensers and not becoming the biggest bulls eye out there to Scott.

In the end a rather impossible task and I stayed to long at the party. It wasn't possible to keep a low profile while selling the amount of pez dispensers required to raise the cash to complete the pez project. If I had had the luxury of buying everything at once, then start selling. That would have been a different story. Unfortunately I had less than $3,000.00 to start the project with and I had to earn, to keep going. So the aspect of what I had to do was always in direct conflict with what I wanted to do. Maintaining a low profile became impossible & becoming #1 on Scotts hit parade, inevitable.

You may think I bought pez so I could sell it and make tons of money. Incorrect, I did not buy to sell, I sold so I could buy. The money was only a means to the end, which was having lots of something. At this point I wish it had been all about the money. Unfortunately I have an estranged relationship with money, in plain talk I do not value it as I should. Though a warehouse full of product, that I value. Being somewhat compulsive obsessive lots or better yet all of something is what gives me a rush of excitement. I actually have no use for one of something, but 1,000 of something now you have my attention.

Selling product is more of a validation that I was right about it all and not just nuts. This book is the same thing, if it sells, I was right and the only way to know is to try. When you spot something no one else can see, there are two possibilities. You are hallucinating again, and none of us likes that or you are a handsome n a pretty smart fellow. The only real way of scoring is to complete the idea, sell it. If it fails you're an idiot, but if it works you are a genius.

Selling is also a game all of it's own, one that the creative side of me enjoys very much. In order to achieve that one individual sale, a mechanism must be created. Individual mechanisms and an overall mechanism. This book is a mechanisms for a Pez Outlaw Movie. Notes From The Asylum is an adjacent mechanism to further the possibility. I've spend 15 years configuring these mechanisms. The size or footprint of the overall mechanism is very important, as a large footprint is necessary to gain the visibility essential to success.

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Zorro W/Logo Pez
Money is just a way to make things happen and push away problems. Pez money removed all feelings of vulnerability and gave me the sense that I was finally in control. Not true, but it did feel good anyway.

When money is scarce the project requires it be supplemented with work and creativity. Nothing is free.

I've been thinking a lot lately about Moral Equivalency. I think it may be the reason I did nothing when Pez Corporation first Breached the Implied Contract. I believe that I felt I somehow had it coming after years of being a Pez Outlaw to Pez Corporation. It took 10 years of reflection to find my perspective.

What I've come to is this. If you are a bank robber or a car thief does that give say Walmart the right to cheat you if you come in there store to purchase something? The answer is no.

Also to be clear. I bought from executives and warehouse managers. People empowered by Pez to do what they did. If Pez Corporation had a beef with my purchases they should have looked at there own corporate family. I asked each. Do you want to sell? Here is money. I never stole any Pez, to the contrary all tolled I spent 2 million dollars buying Pez.

I may have been a Pez Outlaw but I was an honest Outlaw. I paid for everything I ever received. Besides even if I had stole the Pez, which I did not. One thing would have nothing to do with the other. Pez Corporation still would not have had the legal or moral right to commit FRAUD through Breach of Implied Contract with a client.

On the Smuggling. It was smuggling because I knew it was. Nobody except Pez USA had the legal contract to import Pez Dispensers. Unfortunately for Pez USA they were incompetent. They did not cross all the T's or dot all the I's.  Leaving me way to many pathways for bringing Pez into the USA and that's generous. There were so many holes, it was like Swiss Cheese.

Again though. Pez Corporations incompetence did not give them the right to commit FRAUD through Breach of Implied Contract.

I had a lot of guilt about my business because it was built on navigating weakness, flaws and incompetence. I walked very close to the line and knew it. Which is why when Pez Corporation defrauded me I felt I somehow had it coming. It took Ten years for me to realize there is no Moral Equivalency.

Pez Corporation has been hiding behind a rationalization of Moral Equivalency for almost 18 years. Pez Corp you defrauded me out of my life's savings, $250,000.00. 

effects of one pivotal moment. When life handed me my first pivotal choice, I said yes. I saw something & moved on it with everything I could muster. That first pivotal moment for me was in 1994 when I decided to start traveling to Europe buying Pez. Over 70 trips later the hobby had been changed, all hinging on that one decision to go. Decisions accompanied by actions impact events. 

My second pivotal decision to go forward with the Holiday Colors also had a huge impact on myself & the Pez Hobby. This time, not so good.

The third big pivotal decision for me was when I decided to write Pez Outlaw Diary. Everybody told me. Don't write this, just let it go. How do you let something like this go, while you still have breath in your body? People still think I'm crazy to take on a major international corporation like Pez. What are they gonna do, destroy me? To late they already did that.

I'm very content with the decision I made to take on this fight. To be honest it would have been against my nature to otherwise.

All that said it is important to get back to my other point. Pez as a collectible up to about 1994 was not what it is today. Prior to 1994 it was an oddity at shows or wherever I tried selling it. At toy shows I'd put sets of pez out in long rows next to sets of Mcdonalds premiums only to have them just sit there on display. People bought the McDonalds & cereal premiums like crazy, but only commented on the Pez.

I remember one show on a hot summer day watching Pez stems curve from the heat with no real interest in Pez. Though the reality of where Pez was at that time, it also serves as an apt metaphor for where Pez was at as a Collectible. I had to promote the Hell out of Pez for it to become what it is today. This was done in the form of FREE STUFF. FREE Video tapes, FREE Pez Handbooks, FREE Pez Pins, FREE Pez Bags & FREE Pez Body Parts. Two to Four full page advertisements in collectible publications every month for years.

We All Have Skeletons in Our Closets.

Over half of the worlds population is non white, yet the only Santa Pez Corporation will release is White.
Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
1st one
The Black Santa Pez Dispenser was rejected By Pez Corporation because of racial prejudice. Some of this was Austrian Pez Corporate Racism, some was an interpretation of perceived racism by Pez Austria about the USA. So Black Santa was deemed to offensive by Pez Corporation as a whole.

Black Santa is probably the most historic Pez Dispenser ever made by Pez without corporate approval. Reason being Pez Corporation was scared to death of him. Black Santa was very taboo, way to controversial to exist or do as a Pez Dispenser. For these historical reasons I believe my Black Santas are the rarest & most desirable Pez that exist. There were 3 different versions of my Black Santas. I know the politically correct answer to rarest is Make-A-Face. I disagree. Black Santa is rarest Pez as it was never meant to exist. Like Bubble boy, it was an in house rejection. Unlike Bubble Boy he was never mass produced. Make-A-Face was mass produced. Even Owl MMM was produced in larger numbers than Black Santa. 


The picture below is a drawing of the image used on the top of chocolate pez display boxes in Hungary in the early 1990s.
I sold all the actual header cards for this image. Mary Anne Kennedy has one of them for sure. I think John Devlin has one. This is the image created by an artist for the pins I had made to commemorate Pez Corporations Bigotry.

Like I said the above image of COKO PEZ an African caricature on the box for chocolate pez candy was ok, but a black Santa Pez dispensers was to controversial. I believe the rational was African caricature as mascot for chocolate Pez ok, but a black person as an icon no way.

In the early 1990s the Coko Pez image was absolutely considered acceptable by Pez Europe for Eastern Europe.
Below is an Actual 1970 Pez advertisement.

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
The Sex. Actual 1970 Pez advertisement
Only Pez Corporation would approve an
idea to sell Donald Duck Pez with
Pez Corporation Here Are A Couple Ideas For Free.

In my dream last night there was a clear Pez shell. It was like you took a Pez dispenser and used it in a vacu-form using a clear plastic sheet to create a second skin. The end product is just the clear plastic second skin of a Pez dispenser.  A solid shell replica that I suppose could have 2 packs of pez candy in it. In my dream I was very impressed by the item. Just wanted to share an actual dream I had last night. 

Not from a dream, but no-brainers.  Empire State Building Pez Dispenser. The head would be top of building, stem well the building itself. Two versions one just the building second with a big gorilla. Next Eiffel Tower, Space Needle, Statue of Liberty etc. These obviously at a minimum would be big sellers in gift shops at there particular place.

Pez Idea #1. 
Pez Pops

Create a very small pez type dispenser out of 1 pack of pez candy with a character shaped sucker head that fits on one end of the pack of pez candy, "Pez Pops". Face it, pez dispensers were only created after the fact, to boost candy sales. With this idea you can free yourself at last from the burden of creating something that you only think after 50 years you must do. My guess is you actually make no actual profit on the pez dispenser itself. That the pez dispenser has become like the packaging a cost of bringing your true product Pez candy to market. After all Haas is a confectioary company.

Packs of pez candy by themselves have never sold well so pez dispensers were created to help sell the candy. Well if you put a lolli pop shaped like a cartoon character on one end of the pack of pez candy as a homage to your own product, I believe you could eliminate pez dispensers for approximately half of your candy sales. Cost savings would be huge, as each pez dispenser created runs probably .35 cents & you probably make no money on pez dispensers anyway. As opposed to a sucker heads cost of say .03 cents. You could even subcontract out the production of these sucker character heads.

With this new line of product you could remove at least two sales obstacles. Product placement & Price point. With this smaller product line it would be no problem creating pez packaging that gets you on the coveted candy bar & life saver shelves in checkout areas of stores. On price point, lets face it current pricing of Pez dispensers & candy are hurting sales. Eliminating pez dispensers for this new line of product could get retail of this new line down to about .25 cents.

I understand packs of candy by themselves have very low appeal, which is why you created pez dispensers. I believe the same objective can be reached at a fraction of the cost by simply putting the head in candy form directly on the pack of pez candy. These candy heads could be made out of Lolli Pop candy, little Chocolate heads, Gum shaped heads, Red hot Jaw Breaker heads, Sweet tart heads & even lickerish heads all mounted on one end of the pack of pez candy. Cheaply priced, Good product placement probability & No plastic at all. Talk about going green.

The real beauty of this idea is that you could eliminate most of the costly Pez dispenser injection molding facilities you are currently running down to say just the one in Austria. You could maintain a specialty line of Pez dispensers with candy from the facilities in Austria. While shifting the majority of pez candy sales to this new line. Think of it, eliminating 50% to 70% of plastic cost, cost of the number of pez molds you would need to create & maintain and expensive travel time to the four corners of the Earth working on production of pez dispensers that you probably only break even on. Not to mention the fact that each confectionery facility that produces Pez candy could actually contract out in country for the various candy heads required.

You could test market this new pez product line in the US & Hungary to get a feel for its potential. In Hungary I bet you Robby would know exactly how to flesh this idea out & run with it. By test marketing in the US & Hungary you would get a pretty good idea what global response to this new pez product line would be. Providing an indicator of how far to actually take it. You were half way there with the mini pez dispensers & actually it gives imput on acceptability of smaller Pez product.

Even if this idea caught on like a house afire, I would maintain a specialty line of plastic pez dispensers with candy as an upscale line for your product. If global pez sales hopes/requirements/projections could be met with the new line (Pez Pops), this line could carry the majority cost of operations & global profits. Remember cost of product & operations would now be reduced by approximately 50%. Leaving the line of what would now be the specialty line Pez dispensers with candy as pure gravy.

As the new line, pez candy packs with heads or Pez Pops are now in the checkout area of stores. Pez Pops would be the perfect impulse item located in the impulse item shopping area, priced at the perfect impulse item price. If at all possible .25 cents is the ideal retail target price for Pez Pops. Mom is sure to let little Jimmy or Susy have a Pez Pop if it only costs a Quarter. As a quarter is the new nickel. Product placement of Pez Pops now accomplished through packaging size, the pez specialty lines location in the store is no longer a burden on sales. Now days Pez dispenser location in stores is killing sales as is the price point. Though if Pez Pops are carrying sales & finding a home in checkout this is no longer a burden.

The cost of pez dispenser with candy that is killing you now at $1.00 to $2.00 could be increased to $2.50 to $3.50 no problem. Just increase package size along with the number of refills & poor location of principal pez product line is no longer a burden on sales. As this item is no longer the workhorse, Pez Pops are. So being located in the toy area actually becomes an asset. Where else would a specialty line be & at $2.50 it is one of the cheaper items here. Remember though you can not turn this liability into an asset without Pez Pops carrying the bulk of sales. Making something old new again requires Pez Pops to shine a light on just how special it truly is. You can't have one without the other, they absolutely require each other for success. You can't have a premium line of product without a basic line of product. The presence of one elevates the other. Also remember Pez Pop heads can be made out of Sucker candy, Chocolate, Jaw Breaker candy, Red Hot candy (for special characters like Tasmanian Devil & Yosemite Sam), Liquorish candy & Sweet Tart candy.

My further guess is Pez Pop Heads could also be made out of & in all of the flavors you currently make pez candy tabs in. By using the same compression process you use for pez candy tabs, I bet you could make the heads out of your own pez candy. The compression strike made when creating cavity in head used for mounting head on pack of candy. Here again I think Robby who runs the pez confectionery facility in Hungary could be most useful.

Pez Idea #2. For generic Pez dispensers run random color variations. As in when a hopper gets low just dump a bucket of another color in. Allow the change from color to color, these will truly be one of a kind Pez dispensers. Stop recycling purges, assemble & include them. Randomly insert all these Pez dispensers, again creating chase pieces. Stop worrying about what pez dealers sell these & other Pez dispensers for. As pez dealers bust there hump for you, this is there pay. Besides they usually spend most of it back with you on more Pez dispensers. You see those big sales are the high. Pez dealers are like addicts, they want to feel it again & the only way they can is by buying more Pez dispensers from you. Also nobody hypes Pez more than a dealer trying for his next big Pez sale.

Pez Idea #3.
Pez stems should be shortened by 1 or 2 bricks. Partly because it would cumulatively save a huge amount of money for the corporation. Secondly it would make everything before it a new bracket of collectible, no feet Golden Age Pez, feet long stem Silver Age Pez, feet shorter stem Modern Age Pez & mini pez. Instantly Pez dispensers currently in warehouses around the world would be collectible. 

I'd also like to remind Pez Corp if you change the pez stem in a significant way Old Pez Dealers & New Pez Dealers would pounce on all existing pez dispenser inventory that remains from the Silver Age.

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