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The Pez Outlaw, PR Department #thepezoutlaw

So Far, The Pez Outlaw Movie has won these awards at Film Festivals around the country.
Best Actor award SXSW/South By Southwest
Best Director Boston
Best of Festival Award: 'The Pez Outlaw' Detroit at the Freep.
Minneapolis Film Festival. Special Jury Prize for unique storytelling.
Audience award- best documentary. Mammoth Lakes Film Festival California.

The Pez Outlaw Movie takes you back with me to that time when the Pez Outlaw Adventure was unfolding.
Driving through MOVAR at 3am, the peace n beauty of that moment like I had captured it in a snow-globe.
The drive south from Traun through the Alps to Llujbliana n Ormoz.
Pulling up to the plastic factory surrounded by very long lines of cars picking up parts for home assembly.
Walking through downtown Gyor on my way to Pizza Hut for supper.
All of these memories have there own triggers to my senses.

I know that I actually lived these experiences, yet they seem somehow to be from a movie I watched.
My life as Pez Outlaw is somehow becoming less real to me.
Pez Outlaw took me from the factory to a life that eclipsed my wildest dreams.
The last 20yrs have made Pez Outlaw seem a fantasy I might have told myself as a child.

Notes From The Asylum has 1,764,122 views.


Pez Outlaw is the Chez Guevara of PEZ. 
In Tshirts.

Pez Outlaw T-shirt M L XL 2XL or 3XL signed Pez Outlaw just tell me which size 

Be patient, There will be FREE Soda Pop.

As Pez Outlaw in my pursuit of Pez Dispensers I traveled to Sweden/Finland for just 1 pez dispenser, The Mariner.
Pez Outlaw Also traveled to South Africa, Australia & Spain, each just on a rumor of a rare pez possibility.
Almost 100 trips total around the world, spending all tolled 2 million dollars on Pez Dispensers in 10yrs.
Pez Outlaws last act buying Pez was to spend 1/2 million dollars in one year creating a line of Pez called alternately The Pez Outlaw Collection or Misfits.

see MISFIT's, The Pez Outlaw Collection #Amazon #Netfl...

2 of Pez Outlaws most innovative creations were The Crystal/clear  plastic & Glow in the dark plastic Pez Heads.  Both never seen before & used widely to this day.

All of this done in just 1 decade, before Pez Corporation targeted & destroyed Pez Outlaw.
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For to me the Craziest Pez Outlaw Adventure
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Pez Outlaw facebook livestream
I honestly after 20yrs don't know what to make of it all.
The 100 trips around the world, the millions of dollars earned then lost in one monumental day, the story written about Pez Outlaw in Playboy magazine (every little boys dream), then the near Hollywood movie about Pez Outlaws life.
I mean really, What do you make of something like all of that when you are an old man.

I will I guess make peace with it all, but it really does seem like somebody else's life, not mine.
Much older today it really was quite an adventure.
The more time that passes & further away that life gets, the more unreal it all seems.

It just dawned on me that Notes From The Asylum is probably a better version of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Within Notes From The Asylum is probably the Pez Outlaw Diary that I'd prefer published as the book.
not all of the asylum, just the best n most applicable posts as chapters.

Notes From The Asylum has now after less than 5yrs ONE MILLION views.
Woulda been even better if I'd gotten $1 or even 10cents per view.

For more, written by Pez Outlaw himself, see below.

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Pez Outlaw Diary #pezoutlaw #hollywood


From Pez Outlaw

As Pez Outlaw I earned over 4.5 million dollars in 11yrs.
I traveled the world, at least 100 international trips buying approx 800,000 pez dispensers and smuggling them into the USA.
In my years as Pez Outlaw I bought n sold well over 2 Million Pez Dispensers.

In 1998 I spent over $500,000.00 on Pez Dispensers blissfully unaware that this one move would result in the destruction of my lifelong dream.

I'm now retired and I spend my time working on Pez Outlaws legacy
The 1st Pez Outlaw tshirt is now for sale on ebay 
Pez Outlaw T-shirt M L XL 2XL or 3XL signed Pez Outlaw just tell me which size
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Above picture is how they look signed.
Below is how one collector decided to display one.

Luann Baxter Atherton
Finally purchased a t shirt shadow box. 50% off at Hobby Lobby. 
The Outlaw hangs in the hallway before entering the Pez room. 
The baby gate keeps out my little shitz dogs.

I now believe that Jeff Maysh n David Klawans were right that I'm not the best voice to tell the Pez Outlaw story.
I think that there approach to reaching a larger audience was the correct way.
It doesn't matter that it's to late, for what I do here in the Asylum it is very important to say you were wrong when you know it to be true.
Indicators over the last few months have shown me that this is true.

That said to correct the record.
We continue.

Michigan Pez Convention Forum with John the cool pezman Devlin n me
Chris Wiley And here’s part 2

Josh Bales
Chapter 216: PRESS RELEASE-The PEZ Outlaw Carried a Gun
Chapter 216: PRESS RELEASE-The PEZ Outlaw Carried a Gun
Chapter 216: PRESS RELEASE-The PEZ Outlaw Carr

The love,kindness fellowship,n pure friendship was just a joy.
I met so many good people.
Thank you Tina Christison Gunsauls for prying me out of seclusion, only you could have done it. I literally told everyone else no.
Remember I'm no longer a dealer, I gave away as many Pez as I sold. It was that Kind of show.
People gave me Pez for my collection n endured my insistence that they sign them, more about that later.
So you know Jim Blaine 's Pez Convention was nothing short of AWSOME.

So many good people, I'm blown away.

The paintings of Pez Outlaw that this poster was based on sold for $1,000.00

Pez Outlaws adventure searching for PEZ is truly a rich story worth telling. South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech, France n Austria.

The secondary goal of Notes From The Asylum is to flesh out the character Pez Outlaw so you have a more complete picture of him n what makes him tick. The principle goal of the Asylum is to promote the story of Pez Outlaw.


Pez Outlaw Podcast
Part 1

Pez Outlaw Podcast
Part 2

Pez Outlaw Podcast hosted by

Justin Lazerwolfe Hansen, Andrea Smith-Gage

Pez Outlaw Duffel Bag Sells For $881.00 In Charity Auction
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Jon Hicks

Jim Blaine's Pez Outlaw Duffel Bag

Chris Wiley's Pez Outlaw Duffel Bag

Jon Hicks duffel bag
4 examples of these rare Pez Outlaw Duffel bags & how collectors are displaying them. RARE,

Link to

Pez Outlaw Diary

Notes From The Asylum...  the current residence of Pez Outlaw has over 665,000 views

Do you have any idea how many times that you must say the same thing to barely be heard.
Politico's will appear on all 6 Sunday shows in a weekend, yet come Monday a lot of Folks have no idea that they said anything.
I post daily saying things over n over again picking up a couple thousand views per day, yet barely being heard.
It amazes me, 20yrs, over 1 million views in less than the last 5yrs, still picking up new viewers every day.
On facebook I get new followers every few days that are new to the Pez Outlaw story.
So we continue 

My Bucket List
1. Pez Outlaw Movie
2. Pez Outlaw Book
3. Appear on/in a Panel discussion with John Devlin, David Welch n John Laspina.
4. Appear on/in a Panel with the ex-president of Pez Corporation Scott McWhinnie.
6. Buy a new Tractor, move poo, dirt n crushed concrete till I Kick said Bcket.

How do we get a Pez Outlaw Pez Dispenser made by Funko?

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Corporate Fraud, Pez Color War, Restitution.